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Commercial Real Estate

Smooth transactions

You can be assured that our real estate agents will help make your transaction as smooth as possible. Once you secure the property you want, our team can finalize the details.

Great space

We can help you every step of the way, from finding the perfect property to overseeing inspections once you have purchased a great space for your business.

Business as usual

S & W Realty enables you to complete the entire purchase process faster and simpler so you can move your business in and get back to work with few interruptions.


Are you searching for commercial real estate in Northwest Indiana? Come to us! Our team can work with you to find a great space for your business within our beautiful community – and within your budget.

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A place for your company




Looking for a space to rent out? We can help you find that too.


We can uncover an ideal space for your employees to work.

Utilize our expertise to find a great location for you for sales.

Our team will locate a spot that accommodates your needs.

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